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About Tianjin Polytechnic University

Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU) is a state-run full-time institution of higher education, which is jointly established by Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal Government. In 2003, TJPU received outstanding marks in the“Undergraduate Program Evaluation” sponsored by Ministry of Education.

The university has a long history with its earliest departments established in 1912. TJPU is a multidisciplinary teaching and researching university, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in science and engineering, arts,liberal arts, management, economics,law and languages. The university consists of 16 schools, offering bachelor, master and doctor degrees with 28,000full-time students. There are 18 doctor degree programmes and 98 master degree programmes in this university.

Currently, there are 1,600 full-time teachers in TJPU, of whom almost 800 are professors and associate professors. TJPU has also specially engaged over 50 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and renowned foreign scholars as visiting scholars and part-time professors. TJPU has established international relations with more than 50 institutions in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa and about 300 international students are now studying in TJPU.

TJPU is the front runner in China in the scientific research on textile composite materials,hollow fiber membrane separating technology, special functional fiber materials, textile oiling agent, semiconductor lighting, and production of electromechanical equipment integration, etc. The university has over 60 research institutions in cooperation with some famous enterprises, including Motian Membrane Science and Technology Company, Functional Fiber Development Centre, etc.

TJPU has more than 60 partner universities in more than 30 countries. Now there are about 300 overseas students studying Chinese language, Textiles, Fashion design,Computer, Accounting, Art design, etc. in TJPU.

TJPU is now taking great initiative in meeting the needs of the educational development in the 21st century and the economic construction in China and become one of China's best universities in science and technology.

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